Fuselage - Cabin

2006-08-05 - The baggage compartment (F-706 nutplates). (6.0 Hrs).

Installed a bunch of nutplates on F-706, and installed the right baggage floor.

Drill the holes in the baggage bulkhead to final size for AN515-8R8 screws. Notice, that the bulkhead has to be taped in place for the last few holes because I don't have any #19 clecos. The screws are just pushed in to position the bulkhead correctly. I guess I could have removed the top bulkhead and installed a few nutplates, but the tape worked ok. Now, to startup the nutplate production line, again.
Drilling the F-747 baggage floor to the F-706 bulkhead for rivets and nutplates. Obviously, I have removed the top skin, again.
Drilling the backside of F-706 for all of the baggage bulkhead nutplates.
I dimpled the nutplate holes in F-706 and F-747, so that means I have to countersink the nutplates. Remember, the last time that I tried to dimple a nutplate, I broke the punch on my #40 dimple dies. This is my crappy setup for countersinking the nutplates.
This is better.
Ok, both of those were retarded--this works. I ended up with a few cuts on my fingers from spinning nutplates before I did this right.
And there you are, 24 nutplates, slightly countersunk, ready to install.
Installing nutplates on the right side of F-706.
Hard to see here, but all of the top and side nutplates are installed in F-706.
F-706 nutplates from the AFT side. Still need to install nutplates in the F-747 baggage floors and the lower part of F-706.
Removing the blue vinyl prior to final installation of F-747.

BTW, you might be wondering just how much we save by removing the blue vinyl, so I weighed the vinyl, and it was 1/2 oz. The baggage floor weighed 16 oz, but there is still vinyl on the other side, so that means 1 oz per pound of metal. That's pretty significant. Hey, you had to ask.

All of the F-706 and baggage bulkhead nutplates, and the right side baggage floor installed.
View from the front. Note, the left side baggage floor is just laying there. Starting to feel sick, again, so that's enough for today.