Fuselage - Cabin

2006-08-06 - The baggage compartment (cable wear blocks). (5.5 Hrs).

Finished riveting the baggage floors, and prepared the baggage bulkhead for the seat belt cable wear blocks.

Final inspection before closing up the left baggage floor.
Both F-747 baggage floors riveted in place and all F-706 nutplates installed. Getting ready to try some screws in the nutplates. I like to run a screw and some Bolube into each nutplate.
Baggage bulkhead screwed-on, with a screw in every nutplate. Those bottom inside holes with the MS21051 nutplates on F-706 needed to be reamed out to fit.
All the parts needed to make the seat belt cable wear blocks.
Cut the notches in the bottom of F-652 for the cable. Now, to fit the wear blocks.
Drilled the F-6114C wear blocks, and cut the notches. They're cleco'd together to ensure that that they are identical (as if that matters).

Oops! Those two holes that I drilled for the nutplates are not supposed to go through the F-652 bulkhead. You do need to drill a hole through F-652 for a screw that goes into the nutplate attached to the F-751 lower baggage bulkhead. Unfortunately, but those holes are for the rivet that holds the nutplate. That's what you call a show plane stopper--oh, well.

Drill the F-652 upper baggage bulkhead from the backside, using the holes in the F-6114C block as a guide.
Now we can drill F-6114B to the top of the lower baggage bulkhead after it's position is marked and it is clamped in place.
And let's not forget those darn nutplates.
Took Dan's advice, and drilled the holes in the F-6114 aluminum strip before cutting it up for square washers.
Four of the square washers cleco'd onto the right side, with the cable protruding out the back of the wear blocks. Man, what a pain filing all of those washers.
Cable protruding from the front, it works. Notice, that I managed to install the wear block slightly off center. Those cable blocks are slippery devils. It must have moved a little when I went to drill it from the backside. Should have tapped it in place. Ok, that's enough mistakes for today.