Fuselage - Cabin

2006-08-13 - The baggage compartment (baggage bulkhead). (4.0 Hrs).

Installed the baggage bulkhead cable wear blocks, the baggage tunnel cover, and finished the baggage FWD side panels.

Attached nutplates to F-751 lower bulkhead.
So, what went wrong here? Well, I didn't want to use pop rivets, so I installed an AN470AD4-4 rivet in the right hole. When I went to do the left hole, I could not get the squeezer on the rivet, due to the nutplate. So, I went with the LP4-4, as Van suggested. BTW, he actually recommends LP4-3's, but I have a lot more -4's, and I think the LP4-4's actually fit better here, anyway.
Here's the left side. Note that holes are not centered because I drilled the holes before cutting the square washers from the aluminum strip. If you don't cut the squares from the strip just right, the holes will be off center. I recommend that you drill the holes after cutting the squares. These parts are just a mess, and I spent a lot of time on them--doesn't show it.
I put the bulkhead back in, just to make sure that everything still fit.
Ok, just how bad does the other side look? Pretty bad.
Fit the F-748 baggage tunnel cover. Ok, it fits. BTW, it does not fit unless the AFT end of F-748 is behind the baggage bulkhead, but then you probably knew that.
Fit the F-749 FWD baggage side covers. No, they do not fit. Yes, I did slide the horizontal flange under the baggage floor.
The problem is that the top horizontal flange needs to be trimmed. There are tiny notches where I assume this needs to be cut. The plans actually say "Adjust the flanges". This is a pretty big "adjustment". You have to cut off a 3" x 11" triangle to get the "adjustment" right.
Cut along black line.
Now it fits.
Baggage tunnel cover deburred. One F-749-L side cover deburred, and nutplates installed. Finished F-749-R a half-hour later.
Both baggage floors and side covers installed.