Fuselage - Cabin

2006-08-19 - AFT seat floors (left seat hindges). (6.0 Hrs).

Deburred the F-7112 top skin, and started on the seat hindges on the AFT seat floors. According to the plans, we should deburr all of the top skins and even install them if we want, but Van suggests that we leave them off as long as possible. Sounds good to me, but I will defer the rest of the deburring until later. Deburring actually makes my neck ache pretty badly, so maybe I'll do a piece now-and-then.

I thought I would do a little more deburring today. Two-and-a-half hours later, I was done with the FWD top skin. Deburred, dimpled and edge-seamed. That's enough deburring for today. Let's do something interesting. Oh, yeah, I did one J-channel, also--woo hoo.
Before starting on the seats, I wanted to drill these holes in F-708 for the static tube mounting. Must have missed this last year.
Preparing to cut the first hindge for the seat back position adjustment system. Note, there needs to be a hindge eyelet on each end of the floor hindges, so we cannot just cut a piece every 15 1/2", we have to start on an eyelet boundary.
One AFT seat floor hindge complete, now do 5 more. Note, I did not follow Van's rivet placements, since that would put rivets in the edge of the seat floor rib flanges. Starting with the inboard rivet, I just spaced them every 1 1/2 inches, plus a rivet at each rib. We end up with a rivet 1" inboard of the outboard rivet.
Seven more hindges cut and trimmed on the ends (5 more for the AFT seat floors, 2 for the seat bottoms). Need to drill all of them, and cut out the center two eyelets on each hindge. Note, I think there are a few more hindges needed for the top of the seats. I must have some more hindge stock, somewhere.
Installed the left seat floor so I could drill two holes in the hindges to the seat floor ribs.
Front view.
Top view.