Fuselage - Cabin

2006-08-26 - Baggage floor access covers (right side). (4.0 Hrs).

Finished-up the right side baggage floor access cover.

Marking the outline of the access cover plate. The round thing in the middle is a suction cup used to attach Christmas lights to a window.
Mark the hole for the rivets that hold the nutplate ring to the baggage floor.
Drill the holes.
All drilled.
Sneaking-up on on the final outline of the access cover. I love this disc sander (I think it was $29 on sale last year at HF).
Top cover fits. It may be hard to notice, but the inboard side is 3mm wider than the outboard side--oh well, can't fix that now.
Holes drilled where the nutplates go. Now we need to install the nutplates and dimple the holes around the outside.
Nutplate ring dimpled and nutplates installed. Top piece is the access cover, piece on the right is scrap from the baggage floor. I can use that piece for my instrument panel label tests. Note, it is possible to use K1000-08 nutplates on a dimpled hole with AN509-8R8 countersunk screws. I'm not suggesting that you do this, but it does seem to work, ok.
Nutplate ring installed.
Access cover installed with round head screws. So, am I done? Nope, I dimpled the nutplate ring for countersunk screws, I might as well finish it off.
Installed with AN509-8R8 countersunk screws. Note, the fit is not as bad as this picture looks. There is a slight gap, but what looks like a gap in the picture is a reflection along the edge of the access cover. Not perfect, but good enough. Now, to do the other side, tomorrow.