Fuselage - Cabin

2006-08-27 - Baggage floor access covers (left side). (5.5 Hrs).

Fabricated the left side baggage floor access cover. Installed a few of the seat belt anchors, just to see if the access holes were adequate, and they were. However, installing the outboard seat belt anchors, where we have access due to the removable F-749 side panels, was a bit more work. You can hardly get your hand in there. Good thing I did a good job deburring the baggage area floors.

Cutting out the left baggage floor access hole. Notice that there is a double scratch all the way around the hole. This is from the bottom of the scroll saw. I need to either polish the bottom of the saw, or put some tape on it before using it on aluminum. I need to remember this before I cut the holes for the instrument panel.
There's a little filing to do, but this is pretty good.
Now, that's a perfect rectangle with rounded corners (or as close as I will ever get). The right side qualified as a trapezoid.
Nutplate ring with nutplates installed, access cover, rivets--let's do it. BTW, the longeron yoke is needed here because there is limited room to squeeze rivets once the nutplate ring is cleco'd on.
Two baggage floor access covers, all done.
So, what was it that caused us to install these, anyway. Oh, yeah, those stupid-ass seat belt anchors. Ok, looks like we can install them now.
So, can we get a look at those seat belt anchor nuts to ensure that they are secure? You be the judge. Ok, due to poor photography, you may not be able to tell, but the access covers work great.