Fuselage - Cabin

2006-09-03 - FWD seat floors and control rod tunnel. (4.0 Hrs).

Added the nutplates for the outboard seat ribs that should have been done before riveting on the side skins. Started on the F-741 tunnel cover assembly.

Cleco'd on the FWD seat floors. The instructions tell us the floors must be removable. I think most of us figured this out when we installed all of those nutplates in the seat floor ribs. Unfortunately, one thing that I discovered is that I never installed nutplates on the outboard F-715 ribs. This needed to be done before riveting on the side skins. Actually, I guess the arm rest is the part that really makes this hard, now. Whatever, it needed to be done a long time ago.
So, the floors come off, and we figure out what it will take to install nutplates, now. Here, I have a nutplate cleco'd on upside down, so I can drill the holes for the side rivets.
Glad I bought that angle drill attachment last year. There's enough places where you need an angle drill that it's probably worth it to just buy one. If you're cheap, this does do the job.
The bottom nutplate can be squeezed, but the others will have to be driven with a rivet gun. Not sure if I can get the rivet gun in there, either.
This is the worst job that I have ever done on nutplates, but it will have to do. I, actually, squeezed all three nutplates, by bending the rib flange a little, but I messed them up pretty badly.
The nutplates work, but I'm not happy. Hopefully, nobody else will see these. Now, do the other side. Note, the other side came out just as bad.
Now, on to the F-741A/B tunnel cover assembly. Here's the pieces that we need to fab the assembly.
A little cutoff sawing, a little hacksawing, a little filing, and voila, two F-741A tunnel cover supports.