Fuselage - Cabin

2006-10-01 - The electric flaps. (4.0 Hrs).

I took last weekend off from normal building to practice working on seat upholstery. To see my progress along these lines, select the "Extra Credit" menu item, and then select the Interior Upholstery link. Or just click here, if you want.

Anyway, after the week off, I got started on the electric flaps. Today, I concentrated on getting the W-613-EF Flap Actuator Weldement installed. This means I installed the outboard bearing blocks, and cut and drilled the middle bearing block.

Here's the practice cushions that I sewed last week. The cushions on the left are the latest pieces. I'm almost there. See Interior Upholstery under Extra Creditfor the whole test upholstery sequence.
Starting on the electric flaps. First thing was to hunt down all the parts.
Drilled all clevis ends to 1/4" (they all tank AN4 bolts).
I heard a rumor that it was very hard to press the F-661-EF bearing blocks onto the ends of the W-613-EF flap actuator weldments. My weldment was a little rusted and had a bit of a lip on the end, which was left over from when the piece was cut.
After filing the end a little and cleaning up the rust, my bearing blocks fit perfectly.
Trial fit the flap actuator weldment before drilling F-680, just to make sure things fit ok. There was also a rumor that the bearing surface for the F-680 bearing block was on the wrong side of the weldment, but mine was correct.
Drilling F-680. I took the time to setup my drill press to drill this. In the past, I have drilled all of the Delrin blocks using a hand drill, and every time I did this, the holes were not properly aligned. Only takes a few minutes to do it right.
Cut F-680 in half. Looks like I need to adjust the bandsaw, again. Getting pretty bad when you can't cut a straight line in Delrin.
Drilled the safety wire hole in the end of the flap actuator. I was not sure what size of hole to drill, but #60 for .040 safety wire is just too small to work with. You can see one of the pieces of the #55 drill that I broke twice drilling this hole.
Ready to drill F-680 to the floor. Notice, that I drew a line through the center of the nutplates that were already installed for the F-748 tunnel cover. The holes in F-680 are centered on the line.
F-680 with bolts to hold it in position, with F-748 notched to fit around F-680.