Fuselage - Cabin

2006-10-08 - The electric flaps. (5.0 Hrs).

Continued to work on all of the little parts that need to be fab'd for the electric flaps.

Finished the new F-766B part. So, what's the difference between the two parts? Well, the part on the left fits, and the part on the right says "bad".
F-785B fab'd, needs to be polished. Nothing unique here, just a 4' piece of 3/4" angle with the ends cutoff and drilled.
Cut the .063 for F-767. I spent quite a bit of time looking for this part. The plans say to make from .063, but when you have to fab a part, the plans usually give both dimensions. All we can tell from the plans is that the part is 1 3/4" plus 11/16" on one side. I measured the cutout where F-767 goes, and it looks like 2" will do. And yes, that's as straight as I can cut with my cheap ass bandsaw. It really drifts to the right. I had the bandsaw adjusted right once, but it seems to be mis-adjusted, again.
Putting a little bend on F-767.
Looks about right.
Mark F-785B to the F-748 tunnel cover, so we can drill F-785B.
Go ahead and drill F-785B to the F-785A backrest brace.
Next step is to fit and rivet the F-758 bracket to the bottom end of F-766A, but, in fact, F-758 is a two piece bracket that needs to be cut apart. Not much fitting to do, since the parts are already drilled. I think the instructions apply to the EF-604 part, which we do not use on the RV-7. The flap kit is a retrofit for the RV6.
F-766A with the two F-758 brackets attached, and the F-767 attach plate drilled and attached. Also, the F-785A backrest support with F-785B angle attached. Let's see if these fit.
Yeah, they fit. Now, take them back out and install the nutplates in F-766A like the instructions say (after deburring, of course).
F-766A with nutplates installed and all hardware ready to attach, everything deburred (well, everything except F-785A).