Fuselage - Cabin

2006-10-15 - The electric flaps - done. (4.5 Hrs).

Finished the electric flaps, for now. Installed nutplates in F-766A and F-785A for the F-760 side covers, temporarily attached the flap actuator assembly to the flap weldment, installed the F-760 side covers.

Temporarily installed the F-766 assembly. Instructions imply that this should be a final install, but we all know better. Pretty neat to be able to move the flap weldment up and down. I can imagine what it'll feel like when I actually attach the wing and flaps.
After match drilling the F-785A backrest brace to F-705, we need to install nutplates in F-785A. Obviously, the nutplates did not fit according to the plans. The nutplate on the left was drilled first, and it fit just about right, but not according to plans. When I got to the second nutplate, it needed to be turned a little. I chose this orientation over the plans. Seemed to fit better.
F-785A in place.
F-760 side covers installed on F-766, now we need to mark the locations of the holes for the nutplates on F-785A.
Nutplate factory for F-785A.
The screw is slightly engaged, just enough to center the nutplate. The cleco clamp holds the nutplate in place, so we can drill the first hole. Who needs a stinking nutplate jig?
F-785A is complete.
F-760 screwed to F-766A and F-785A. So, why doesn't it fit quite right? Because we still need to notch F-760 to clear the bolt head.
Mark the approximate location of the hole for the bolt head, and drill a hole in the center. Then, we can remove F-760-L and drill the hole using a uni-bit.
When we're done with F-760, the bolt should be slightly recessed--it is.
F-760-L, notched, deburred, and installed. Just need to deburr F-760-R.
All done, although, I think I need to run the edge seamer along the edges of both parts. The edges are rippled just a little on both sides.