Interior - Seat cushions and backs

2006-11-16 - Sewed first seat cushion. (4.0 Hrs).

Over the past year or so, I have sewn a bunch of test pieces that had nothing to do with an RV, and several sets of practice seat cushions and seat backs in preparation for the real thing. Well, it's time to see if I learned anything. This is Thursday night, after work, and I am pretty tired, but I just can't wait until the weekend to see how the new material that I bought a few weeks ago is going to work out.

Top sewn and half the sides. I thought I was half-done at this point, but I was wrong.
Same point, showing square seams on the front of the cushion.
Sewed the Velcro on the bottom. This is the first cushion that I remembered to do the Velcro. So far, on all of my practice cushions, I have forgotten to do something that I wanted to do, so it is encouraging that I remembered to sew the Velcro on at the right point in the process.
All sewn, afraid to turn it outside out to see how we did.
Doesn't look bad at all, just needs some foam.
Looks pretty good. May need a little foam work. I really like this fabric. It feels really good, and is fairly thick, without being too heavy. It's just like a suede coat that I used to own--always liked that coat.

I know, you're wondering about one side being wider than the other. All of the practice cushions seemed to have extra room on the outside, so I though I would try making the outside a little wider. I'm not sure if I like this or not, yet. I'll let you know.