Fuselage - Cabin

2006-11-18 - Installing the front deck (match drill top skin). (3.5 Hrs).

Match-drilled the FWD top skin to the panel framework. Fit and drilled the F-721C/D attach angles to the panel and the FWD canopy decks.

Remove every other cleco so we can match drill the FWD top skin.
FWD top skin is drilled to the FWD framework, including the parts that had no holes (FW, F-7103, attach angles). A word of advice on drilling the holes in the FW. Since this is stainless steel, I had the bright idea of using an old drill bit so I would not dull my current drill. That was a mistake. After the 4th wallowed-out hole in the top skin, I figured out that I wanted the sharpest drill bit that I could find. Ok, so I didn't get a new drill bit, but my current #40 drill bit was pretty new, and cut perfect holes. Don't be cheap, use a sharp drill bit here.
Now, to drill those holes in the FW for the center rib.
Make sure the bottom of the center rib is the same distance from the other ribs as the top of the center rib. Then, mark a line centered on the holes where the top skin attaches to the center rib. Now, mark the position of the holes to match the holes in the other ribs.
Hard to see here, but it looks like we done good.
Better picture from inside. Now, we just need to drill those holes to #30.
Did I mention that I sewed my first real seat cushion a few nights ago? I'm pretty happy with the results. See the Interior section for the details.
You cannot see it from this picture, but I have marked the position of the panel on the F-721A FWD canopy deck. When I remove the FWD top skin so I can fit the F-721C/D attach angles I'll know where the bottom of the panel needs to line up with the FWD canopy deck. I don't see how you could get in there with the top skin attached.
Here, I'm fitting the right F-721D attach angle.
Drill the F-721D and C attach angles to the F-721A FWD canopy deck (left side).
Left side looking from the right.
Now, we can drill the holes for the nutplates in F-721C/D.
Behind the panel (FWD side) with a cleco holding the nutplates on.