Fuselage - Cabin

2006-11-19 - Installing the front deck (F-721 attach angles). (4.5 Hrs).

Installed nutplates in the F-721 attach angles, then I remade the F-721C angles because I used the wrong material the first time. Drilled the F-7108C angle to the center rib structure, match-drilled all of the panel framework, and did a little deburring.

Install nutplates on the F-721C/D attach angles. Deburr all of the holes in the F-721A FWD canopy decks. Since I won't actually install the panel for awhile, I'll hold off on riveting the attach angles to the canopy decks until later.
Oops, just happened to notice that I made the F-721C attach angles from .032 instead of .063 stock. Looks like I need to redo these parts--ouch.
Since we have already drilled the holes in the FWD canopy decks, the holes in the new F-721C attach angles have to be exact matches to the holes in the old F-721C angles. Of course, this is not the way to accomplish this, since the new holes will be a mirror copy of the holes in the old angles. Fortunately, this worked ok for the left side. Unfortunately, the right side holes were not so symmetrical, and I had to drill that part by carefully measuring the holes in the original part.
That's better. F-721C is AA6-063, and F-721D is AA3-032.
Now's a good time to drill the hole where the F-7108B angle on the center rib attaches to the FW.
Drilled the F-7108C angle to the F-7105A subpanel, center rib, F-7109 plate, and F-7108B angle. This is a lot of fun, requiring the top skin to be reattached with a few clecos, and involves a clamp, an angle drill, and a 6" long drill bit. Oh, yeah, you have to get inside the fuselage to drill this--fun.

After this, I match-drilled the rest of the panel framework.