Fuselage - Cabin

2006-11-22 - Installing the front deck (side vents). (5.0 Hrs).

Fabbed the side vents.

We need to fab two F-793 angles, which attach the side vents. I found this little plastic cup to mark the radius that we need to cut. Notice, I got out the full-size plans to measure this. Now, to figure out how to cut the radius.
The initial cut was done on the 1" belt sander and finished with the drum sander.
That's close enough for me.
Drilling F-793 to the SV-2 and SV-5 vent outlet and adapter. And, yes, I figured out that the bracket is backwards. Don't do this, things won't fit.
Ok, this is the correct way to drill F-793 to SV-2 and SV-5.
Now, to fit the vent assy to the fuse side and the panel. Note, it does not fit. Looks like the panel flange needs to be trimmed--or does it?
Actually, if you attach it like this, it fits, but that is ugly. Looks like I'd better look at the plans. Ok, plans say to trim the inside lower corner of SV-2 and SV-5 to fit.
When you're done, the left vent assy should look something like this.
Another angle.
Using the holes in the fuselage, drill the rivet holes in the F-793 angle. One side done, now repeat for the right side--minus the mistakes, of course.
Right vent, same as the left, only opposite.
Installed (not permanently, still need to rivet F-793 to the fuse).