Interior - Seat cushions and backs

2006-11-24 - Sewed first seat back cover. (4.0 Hrs).

Sewed the right seat back cover--done with one complete seat.

Right seat back and seat cushion (ignore the left seat).
Started deburring the FWD top skin and the panel framework, and I noticed this--damn!
Cleco the top skin back on, and redrill the holes that were off.
You need to make sure that the firewall is pushed out enough to get the flange to line up with the top skin better. We need an extra hole here, because the original hole is too close to the new hole.
It's a pain-in-the-ass trying to dimple the FWD top skin after it is bent. In fact, trying to take this stupid picture, I ended up punching a hole in the skin next to a rivet hole.
Lesson learned: stupid pictures on this stupid website are a waste of my time! No one reads this crap anyway, so why do I waste my time?
Here's the fix. I drilled a hole on each side of the bad hole, so the bad hole does not have to carry the load. I'll fill the bad hole, later.
Deburred and dimpled all of the FWD panel framework parts.
Dimpling the holes in the firewall for the center rib. I could get to the top and bottom holes, but I could not reach the two holes in the center of the rib. This is my solution. That's a 507-6R6 screw.
Backside is a K1100-06 nutplate--worked for me.