Fuselage - Cabin

2006-11-25 - Fixing the screw-up (top skin). (3.0 Hrs).

I was so pissed about the hole that I punched in the top skin yesterday, that I have lost my motivation to even work on the kit (no, this is not what happened to those two lost months, that is explained next week). Then I thought about how I could fix the problem, and I think I have a solution. Read on...

Continue our deburring with the holes on the firewall.
Finished deburring and dimpling the firewall, including the extra "lightening holes" that were drilled. Yesterday was a very frustrating day.
I was thinking about how to fix the hole that I punched in the FWD top skin. Yesterday, I drilled two "cripple" holes next to the bad holes. Then, I deburred the bad holes, which left me with this mess. I was going to just fill the hole with some SuperFil before painting, then, I got the bright idea of trying to braze the bad hole.
First a little practice. Here's the frontside of a test piece after being filled--note, small indentation.
Backside after filing off a big blob.
Frontside of the top skin after the repair. Not perfect, but a little SuperFil, and nobody will notice.
Backside, not perfect, but there's a lot of area brazed that will hold the plug in place. Got a little on the dimple next to the hole. Most of it was removed with a Dremel tool. I can't say that I am happy, but at least I am not totally bummed-out anymore.
Now, we just need to let the SuperFil dry.
Speaking of SuperFil, it is impossible to mix a pea-sized chunk of this stuff, so I had a little left over. Might as well not waste it.