Fuselage - Cabin

2006-12-22 - Ready to fit the wings (lost motivation). (0.0 Hrs).

After working on the garage for the last two weekends, it was time to bring in the wings to be fit to the fuselage. Unfortunately, when I got the wings inside I found that the rats had come back. I hate those stinking little vermin. This was a total motivation killer. I take two weeks off at Christmas every year, and I wanted to get a lot of work done, but all I had to look forward to was to clean rat crap out of the wings. I didn't feel like working on the airplane. Rotten, stinking, little bastards!

Here's the table with all of the junk converted to shelves. This is a lot better use of the space.
Now, that looks a little better. I bought the load leveler for my engine hoist, so I could hoist the wings out of the cradle, but it was just easier to lift them myself. I may use this to hold the wings in place, but probably not. Hopefully, it will come in handy when I hoist the engine.
We haven't seen this corner this neat in several years. It will be even neater when I bring the wings inside and put the barrel and box of wood outside.
I threw out several garbage cans full of junk, but, obviously, a little of it got put out in the garage attachement. The wings are under the blue cover.
As you can see, both wings fit inside the garage.
Unfortunately, as you can see, the rats are back. And, you will notice, I have a plan to deal with the little bastards.
Doesn't look so bad after being vacuumed out.
After a little clean-up with some lacquer thinner.
Junk in the next bay over.
A few scratches, but no too bad up above.
I got really depressed when I pulled the plastic off of the end of the wing and found some corrosion in the leading edge. My fear is that I may have to remove the whole leading edge section and rebuild it. I still have not removed the tanks to see what may be between the tanks and the spar. This is not a good vacation.