Wing - Right Wing

2007-04-22 - Inspection covers and Rats. (3.0 Hrs).

It's been a few years since I did any work on the wings. So, what does "Rats" have to do with the inspection covers? Nothing, other than in my ongoing "War with the Rats" , I needed to finish the inspection covers and install a few nutplates in the inspection holes so I can try to keep em out of the wings. At least I am logging time towards completing the plane, and not cleaning up rat crap. I mean, these inspection covers needed to get done sooner or later.

... and two for the inside ribs.
I cut 4 end pieces of wood from the box the fuselage came in. Two to cover the end of the wings ...
That just leaves two small holes between the fuel tanks and the main spar.
Well, those two small holes, and these 3 large holes on each wing. Unfortunately, I didn't install the nutplates for the inspection covers when I did the wings.
So, for now, I just did the two corners (wing spar was done).
Unfortunately, I didn't finish the covers themselves. So, it's a little filing, a little drilling, a little deburring, and a little dimpling. Might as well drill all the holes at once. Remember, that the holes that attach to the spar are #6, and all of the others are #8.
That's 5 inspection covers done (the 6th is already installed).
Note the #6 and #8 screws.
Just 4 screws per inspection cover, for now.
That ought to keep the little bastards out, except for those two holes behind the tanks ...