Firewall Forward - Engine

2007-05-19 - Got the redrive. (0.0 Hrs).

I got a present from Bernie Kerr yesterday. He shipped me the RD-1B redrive that I bought from him before going on vacation last month. Bernie has decided to convert his RV-9A from a rotary to a Lyco, so he had parts to sell. I missed out on his FWF package, but did manage to get the redrive. So that's another major piece of my rotary project.

One mini wing stand.
Present from Bernie.
Wooden box inside the cardboard box.
And there's the redrive.
Redrive and damper plate.
Backside: The damper plate bolts to the flex plate on the engine, the redrive shaft slides into the damper plate, and the redrive back plate bolts to the engine. The propeller turns backwards (i.e., counter-clockwise).
Damper plate slid onto the redrive shaft.
Box of 25 temp wing bolts. Only need 4, but minimum was 25.
Here we have the 4 bolts that I butchered, the new temp bolt, and one of the real wing bolts. How do you suppose I managed to buy temp bolts that are a little short?
Temp bolt fits great.