Wing - Right Wing

2007-05-20 - Touch-up right bellcrank. (1.5 Hrs).

I came out to the shop today with nothing in particular to do. Maybe look at fitting the right wing, maybe to create cardboard cutouts for the interior panels. I saw this aileron bellcrank sitting on the shelf, and thought I would touch up some of the rusted spots. This part was removed when I found the rat's nests, again.

What I found was a lot of peeling powder coat with rust underneath. I thought powder coat was not supposed to rust. I can only conclude that the part was not properly prepared prior to powder coating. I had heard that Van's powder coating was not very good. I guess this is just more proof.

This was just a little bit of exposed metal.
Once I started sanding, quite a bit of paint peeled off.
Prior to priming.
Actually, I think I still see some rust.
I decided to use Rustoleum Primer instead of Van's Powder Coat Touch-up paint.
Top coated with Rustoleum metalic silver from my panel tests. I'll let you know how this holds up. Doesn't look too different from the original finish (except that it's silver).