Firewall Forward - Engine

2007-08-26 - Repaint the oil pan, again. (4.0 Hrs).

After being outside under tarps for a year, I found that some of my engine parts had a bit of rust. I have two oil pans, both of which had been sandblasted and painted, but, obviously, the paint did not keep them from rusting. Maybe I should have primed them before painting them. :)

This is the worst side.
Not good, but not as bad.
The other pan only had slight rust.
Nearly two hours later, and all I have managed to do is to remove the paint.
Sanding on the rust has little effect. Time to give Mr. Hydrocloric Acid a chance.
After lacquer thinner, sanding, scraping, and two applications of HCL. Are we done yet? Not quite.

BTW: I should mention that the Hydrocloric Acid does a really good job on the rust, but it is extremely toxic. It can, in fact, kill you. This is not a joke. So, if you use this stuff, please be careful. A gas mask is recommended.

Now it's ready to paint.
Paint the inside.
Forgot to mention, that I primed it this time.
Gee, I hope that rusty looking line is just a funny reflection. I put at least two coats of red on after this. Hopefully, it won't rust this time. Even so, I think I'll keep it inside out of the rain.