Fuselage - Cabin

2007-09-03 - Futzing around with the right wing flaps. (1.0 Hrs).

Ok, the right wing is on, time to see what we can do now.

I took a look at the bolt in the bottom gear weldment that we thought was in our way when we tried to install the wing. Looks like it really wasn't in the way, so I tried to reinstall the bolt. I was able to get the bolt in the hole, but I could not push it all the way through the FWD center spar. And, I couldn't get a hammer in there to pound it in. So, the bolt is half-installed without a nut. Hope I don't forget this later. It's harder than hell to work on anything in the cockpit. What am I going to do when everything is closed up?
I got the right flap down from the ceiling, and figured I would try to do the flap pushrod installation. First, I needed to find the hindge rod so I could attach the flap to the wing. I must have spent a half-hour looking all over the garage for that sucker. I could not find it anywhere. Ok, look closely.
Yep, I had installed the rod back in the flap hindge "so it wouldn't get lost". Next, I tried to install the flap on the wing, but I couldn't push the rod all the way through the hindge on the flap and wing. I probably could get it in using some pliers or a pair of vice grips, but I had hoped that it would fit a little easier. I'm thinking about doing the "two missing links" fix to the hindge. I'll have to think on this a little.