Fuselage - Cabin

2007-10-13 - Remove right wing. (2.0 Hrs).

Didn't do much today, because I wanted to quit early so I could go to the fly-in at Breakaway and see Dennis Haverlah's RV-7 which is flying with a new rotary engine. So, all I got done was to remove the right wing, move things around in the shop, and stash my new fiberglass supplies. I am planning on making a center console out of fiberglass so I ordered some supplies form Aircraft Spruce. I got everything on Jim Andrew's list in his fiberglass tutorial.

This is why I didn't have an entry for last week. I was installing foam panels in my garage door. I couldn't believe the price of 3/4" foam sheets. I used to buy the blue foam a few years for something like $7. Now, it's $12. This stuff was $11. And, yes, I know the silver probably should point out, but the otherside was too ugly.
Here's what $200 will get you for fiberglass. Well, I still have 5 yards of cloth coming, and you don't really need the EazyTurn to do fiberglass work, but I did need the EzTurn for my fuel system.
Need to attach the engine hoist to the wing before trying to remove it.
As you can imagine, working alone, this was a process of check the bolt tension, climb out, raise the wing, climb back in, try to remove the bolt, climb out... After about an hour, we were free at last, free at last.
I made it to the fly-in a little late, so I didn't get to see Dennis (he promised to take the cowl off).
I'm pretty sure he painted this himself. The finish was perfect.
Yep, it's "Rotary Powered", the cowl says so.