Interior - Seat cushions and backs

2008-06-28 - Sewed second seat Back cover - seats are done. (4.0 Hrs).

Again, garage is hot, so I finished up the seat cushions and seat backs today.

Start with the first seat back as a pattern, and cut out all of the pieces that we need to sew the second seat back.
First thing is to sew on the pad used to make the little horizontal rolls (can't remember what this is called--backing, I think). Again, use the first seat back as a pattern. It looks like I do not have a piece of padding left that is big enough, so, I'll improvise and use two pieces (note, this was a mistake, which we'll soon see).
All done, and it looks like the top roll does not have much of a roll. This is because the thread line just happened to line-up exactly where the two pieces of backing butted up to each other.
You can see the problem, here. What an idiot!
The fix was to just sew another line down a little. Of course, everyone can see that I screwed-up, because there are two thread lines, oh well.
The seat back is all done, except for the second row of stitching for each seam.
Front-side. Probably need a little more foam to fill this out a little.
Back-side. Not a stellar job, but close enough. Again, too hot to go out in the garage and install these to see how they look. Maybe next week.