Firewall Forward - Engine

2008-08-10 - Painted the engine mount. (2.0 Hrs).

I finally have an engine mount. You'd think I would get right on to building a test stand, so I can start building-up the engine. Well, I'm still thinking about how I want to do the test stand, so I thought I would paint the engine mount in the mean time.

I was thinking about using 3/4" plywood for the firewall mock-up, but I can't get a 4x8 sheet of plywood in my car. How can they call a car a sport-utility vehicle when it can't haul a 4x8 sheet of plywood? I bought a Honda Accord hatchback in 1983. With the hatch open, the opening was exactly 48". Seems like they used their heads a little when they designed a car back then.

I had a can of fake red anodized aluminum paint, and I like red, so that ought to work. First thing was to lay on a base coat of silver to help give the red that "anodized" look.
Gear mount. You can see the red underneath, before I remembered that I needed the silver base coat.
One side.
Most of the other side.
The camera (photographer?) cannot seem to capture the anodized color.
I ran out of the paint on the left, so I ran down to PEP Boys to get another can. Apparently, I did not buy the original paint from PEP Boys. Hope this Dupli-Color stuff works.
Getting closer.
Still cannot capture the color.
The second can is almost empty. I think I can still see a few spots in the back missing paint.
Looks pretty good. The paint is just going to chip off during the build-up, anyway. Interesting to note that the finish is not perfectly smooth. I put it on pretty heavy, but it was so hot and humid in the garage today that the paint was drying as it hit the metal. I think I heard about this. Shouldn't be painting when it is so hot and humid, but what other option do I have, this is August in Austin.