Firewall Forward - Engine

2009-04-18 - Engine Build - Big Nut, Counter Weight, Drive Plate. (1.0 Hrs).

I've been working 7 days-a-week for the last 8 months, so not much progress on the engine build. Besides, I had to order new oil seals before I could get started.

Counter Weight and big nut on hand-tight with a little Blue Locker oozing out--ready for torqing
The big nut needs some thread locker--using Permatex Blue Locker.
Rear oil seal installed.
Orange is rear oil seal, black is front oil seal.
Start with the rear of the engine (front of the airplane).
The spec says 289-362 foot lbs.
I don't have the special tool, so this will have to do. Also, I don't have a torque wrench that goes up to 300 ft lbs, so this medium breaker bar will have to do. Probably about 200 ft lbs.
Attach the drive plate (AT) and back plate.
Finished for today.