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Welcome to Austin, Tx, and Tracy’s RV-7A Project.

As you can probably tell, I am building a Van's Aircraft RV-7A. This website tracks the progress of my project. If you are interested in why I would want to build an airplane, then click here, and I'll try to explain. If you are interested in Winnebagos, then sorry, you have the wrong website. This here website is about RV aircraft, not "recreational vehicles". Although, most people would consider an RV to be a "recreational vehicle", you won't generally find them rolling down the road. If you do, then someone's got a problem.

You probably know this, but the RV-7A is an all metal, 200MPH, aerobatic, experimental aircraft. The 'A' indicates that I am building a tri-cycle gear version, or a "nose dragger" as the tail-wheel guys like to say. The RV-7A is considered experimental, because you have to build it yourself, and that is the designation that the FAA likes to assign to "homebuilt" aircraft. They even make us display a little placard that let's everyone know they are flying in an "Experimantal Aircraft", just to be sure.

So far, I have finished the empennage and wings, and I am close to being done with the fuselage. To see the latest progress, click here.

A few recent photos of what I am working on:

Disclaimer: Obligatory "this website is just for fun, and not intended as a guide for how to build an airplane, so don't sue me" message. Since all of my money is going into this project, it won't do you any good to sue me, so don't even think about it. Seriously, this website describes how I am building MY airplane. Following my example may be hazardous to your health. If you want proper instructions, then buy the preview plans from Van's--they're only $50.
Note - Rotary Image stolen from Tracy Crook's website. I hope he doesn't try to sue.