This section is dedicated to the screw-ups that I have made over thecourse of building this airplane. Perhaps, they can help someone avoidthe same mistakes. Most likely, they will just be a source of amusement.

2003-07-19    Horizontal Stabilizer   Cut-off too much of flange on HS front spar.
2003-07-20    Horizontal Stabilizer   Did not clamp rib before drilling.
2003-07-29    Horizontal Stabilizer   Clamp your work before riveting.
2003-08-05    Horizontal Stabilizer   Did not dimple front spar on horizontal stabilizer.
2003-09-11    Elevator   Do not dimple nutplates.
2003-09-23    Elevator   Make sure counterweight points outward.
2003-09-23    Elevator   Make sure all rivets point the same direction.
2003-09-23    Elevator   Make sure the leading edge is rolled enough.
2003-10-03    Elevator   Do not install big rivets in litte rivet dimples.
2003-11-11    Elevator   Do not remove lead with the trim tab off.

2004-01-17    Ribs   Do not cover up rib holes on the rear spar.
2004-02-01    Ribs   Use your offset rivet set on the rear spar.
2004-03-27    Left Fuel Tank   Be careful with that hammer.
2004-03-31    Left Fuel Tank   Never bend the fuel pick-up at the grooves.
2004-04-17    Left Fuel Tank   Forgot to plug the hole in the end rib.
2004-04-18    Left Fuel Tank   Leaky tank.
2004-04-20    Left Fuel Tank   Secure that manometer.
2004-05-09    Left Wing   Mangled another rivet in the LE.
2004-07-10    Left Flaps and Ailerons   Install bottom skin before riveting the flap hindge.
2004-08-07    Fiberglass   Secure those nutplates.
2004-08-12    Right Wing   Be careful with that rivet gun.
2004-08-14    Right Wing   'X' means do not rivet rivet.
2004-08-29    Right Fuel Tank   Make sure punch is all the way in.
2004-08-30    Right Fuel Tank   It can be fixed.
2004-09-26    Right Wing   Running off track.
2004-10-21    Right Flaps and ailerons   Be careful with that countersink.
2004-10-30    Right Wing   Remember to take a second look.
2004-11-21    Fiberglass   Flush side goes outboard.

2005-02-05    Bulkheads   Do not countersink the two middle holes in the center section.
2005-09-11    Center Section   Do not rivet the F-704 AFT bulkhead until later.
2006-08-06    Top   Nutplates attach to the back of F-751, not F-652.
2006-08-20    Cabin   Don't forget the seat belt anchors.
2006-09-02    Cabin   Don't forget the rear spar spacers.
2006-09-03    Cabin   Don't forget the nutplates in the F-715 floor seat ribs.