Interior Options

Last updated - 2/04/06.

Painting and Finishing the Inside.

I have looked at materials at the fabric store, and I think I will try to use a headliner glued to the sides of the cabin for a little sound insulation. I really don't like leaning up against cold aluminum, so this should help a little. This stuff is extremely light, and not very expensive.

Panel Label Experiments.

I have done a little experimentation with different paint for the panel and the rest of the interior. Ok, I may paint the interior, I have not decided for sure. I liked the look of the bronze Rustoleum that Jeff Bordelon used on his interior, so I bought some and did a little experimentation.

I sprayed one side with AFS primer and covered it with the Rustoleum and I just scratched and cleaned the other side before I painted it. This sample piece got tossed around on my desk for nearly a year,and neither side showed any signs of chipping or wearing.

Next, I decided to look at labeling the switches and avionics for the panel. My label experiments are chronicled in the Instrument Panel Labels section of the Extra Credit page .