Priming and Painting

Last updated - 2/04/06.

This section covers all of the priming and painting. My primer strategy is to prime all of the parts that get scratched, or abused, as well as the uncoated parts. For the external surfaces, I am using AFS two-part polyurethane top coat. For the interior, I will cover the sides of the cabin with autoliner, and leave most of the rest of the interior unprimed and unpainted. The links below give a more detailed discussion of each area.

Paint Schemes.

Here are a few paint schemes that I am considering. Originally, I liked the ThunderBird scheme, but now, I am leaning towards the bottom scheme, probably without the tail streaks. I stole the star on front with the two trailing stripes from Mel Asberry, up in Dallas. His had two red stripes. I'll try and post his picture when I can find it again.

Note, that this is an RV-6A, since the paint program that I am using from Aircraft Paint Schemes did not have an RV-7A at the time, but it's close enough. I think they have an RV-7A now, but I haven't looked for awhile.

Stay tuned, more to come...