2007 Southwest Regional Fly-in (SWRFI) - 1 of 3

I was a little disappointed in SWRFI this year. Not that it was a bad fly-in, or anything, but it was missing a few key elements--things to look at and things to buy. Ok, there were things to see, and there were things to buy, just not as many as I would have hoped for. I really wanted to have a look at the new GRT displays, but there were none to be seen. At least I got to see the new Dynons. They looked really good, and the price is right, so if they add GPS moving map support, I just might have to drop my plans for an all-GRT panel.

Hopefully, next year the venders will bring more things to see, touch, and buy. But enough griping, how about the airplanes? This year I remembered my large memory card, so I was able to shoot everything at 1024x768. However, I reduced everything to 800x600 for easier viewing. Hopefully, I did not lose too much in the transformation. I think I got all of the -6s, -7s and -9s, several -8s, and a few -4s and -3s. Sorry if I missed a few.

Actually, after viewing all of these airplanes, I guess it was a pretty good fly-in after all. Enjoy.